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Design & Engineering

Project Management

Installation & Calibration

We take a personal approach to system design by offering our clients free in-home evalutaions and up to a half-hour of free design consultation. We use this time to determine your needs and suggest options available to fulfill those needs. We also evaluate how you plan to use each room in your home so we may recommend the best PASS solution in the form of a Smart Home Innovations proposal within 48 hours.

From the information gathered in the initial consultation, our engineering team designs your system. We work hard to ensure full functionality and performance of both new and existing components. Our attention to detail during this phase establishes the foundation for a hassle-free installation with no surprises. In addition, our engineers place significant emphasis on cost, ease-of-use, and energy conservation.

Every project, regardless of size, is assigned a project manager to ensure that the project runs smoothly. The project manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the project and coordinates work accordingly. During this phase, our primary focus is communication, therefore, your project manager will emails all parties involved on a continual basis to ensure no balls are dropped on our end.

Smart Home Innovations can guarantee accurate and professional installations of any residential or commercial technology system, including those purchased elsewhere. However, for those who purchase from us, we offer a one year cost-free service policy. After the first year, we charge $85/hr or you can purchase a service contract that covers all installed components and labor. Contact us for more details.

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