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Practical, Attractive, Sophisticated & Simple (PASS)


At Smart Home Innovations we fundamentally believe that creating a "smart home" is more than just adding gizmos, giant screens, and loud speakers to a home. We believe it should be an artful mix of architecture, furnishings, lighting, and acoustics that creates an unmistakable environment.


The vision of Smart Home Innovations is to help homeowners design, procure and install technology systems that are practical, attractive, sophisticated & simple. We call this methodology “PASS”.


PASS was created to ensure that our clients consistently experience our creativity in designing compelling home environments. This method allows us to integrate technologies into lifestyle settings of any décor or budget.

Dan C. Aguilar, President & CEO


Smart Home Innovations & Engineering, Inc. was founded in 2011 by industry veteran and engineer, Dan C. Aguilar. Over the years Dan has educated hundreds of clients, earned notable industry recognition, and designed some of the area's most impressive home theater and automation systems.


Dan credits his industry success to his aesthetic design philosophy and jokes about how his two older sisters and mother taught him that all things should be "aesthetically pleasing”." According to Dan, programming the VCR at seven years old wasn'’t enough; the cords had to be tucked away just right. He also believes that his engineering background combined with his love for art, interior design, music & movies influence his work.


Dan works hard at creating home technology systems that are capable of creating attractive smart home environments beyond the too familiar "man cave" at price points that are reasonable. As a result, our company is a creative and professional business at the forefront of blending technology and home decor at any budget.


In addition to our home technology style, we also take great pride, as a company and individuals, in contributing to the community of Rochester through community involvement. In 2021 we volunteered over 200 man hours to the Rochester Downtown Alliance, Rochester Public School Foundation and Mayo Clinc Volunteer Services.

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